CongoFinance and Admnistrative Assistant

Rosette Kapwadi Mujinga

Rosette Kapwadi Mujinga works for Agriterra as Finance and Admnistrative Assistant for Agriterra DRCongo.

She studied at the Catholic University of Bukavu and has a degree in financial management and management of small and medium enterprises. Rosette is the daughter of a veterinarian and farmer and she firmly believes that agriculture is the brain engine of development.

Prior to joining Agriterra in July 2022, she worked as an administrative and financial assistant in a local NGO AFEM and before that in a staffing company DIPHIL Sarl.

She loves learning because she firmly believes that whoever stops learning stops improving. Rosette is confident that this new experience with Agriterra will allow her to learn even more.



Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445