PhilippinesCooperative advisor

Ruth Ramirez

Ruth Ramirez started working for Agriterra Philippines in March 2020. She is a newly certified Associate Business Continuity Professional from Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) based in UK. She has a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and a Diploma in Training and Development and has been working in the development sector for more than 20 years.

Besides being very passionate about capacity building especially in developing more agripreneurs, she also has extensive experience assisting groups of farmers to become direct suppliers of a big company in the Philippines. She finds fulfilment in seeing more farmers gain confidence in themselves and in what they do.

Ruth is a promoter by nature who loves to come up with and develop new ideas. She thrives in organizations that pursue innovation, testing them and sustaining successful initiatives. She also loves learning new things to further enhance my abilities and in the process contribute to Agriterra. She also like travelling, puzzles and LEGO!



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