A story of a farmer in Cambodia

18-02-2014 Mr. Chark Borat lives with his family in the village Tasaang, in the Svay Rieng Province of Cambodia. He is member of the Family Economic Development Association (FEDA) since 2009. FEDA in its turn is member of the Cambodian Farmers Association Federation of Agricultural Producers. In 2011, Chark Borat participated in a technical training on crops, vegetable growing and chicken rearing provided by CFAP. It was the first time ever he received technical training on farming skills. They also gave him training on his own land. He used to grow only rice, but decided to try growing cucumber on a part of his land. He started with 1200 square meter to pilot new technical protocols. As this resulted in a high yield, he decided to extend his farm land of about 0.55ha for growing cucumber.

Nowadays he grows several types of crops beside cucumber such as winter melon, long bean, ridge. Beside vegetable growing, his family raises chicken and a few pigs. He uses organic fertilizer through collection of chicken manure, cow and buffalo manure, bio-slurry and some other waste materials around his house and the field. With these materials he makes compost to improve his land. According to previous soil analysis made by CFAP, the pH of his farm land was very low, now it has improved a lot at average of pH= 6.7. This is a good level for vegetable growing. In average, he earns about 70,000 KHR to 80,000KHR (US$17.5 to US$20) net income per day with his vegetable production of approximately 55 Kg/day. This is enough to support his family. Chark Borat grows enough to feed his household and his wife sells the surplus at the local market. She tells that the organic produces sell better than chemical produces, as most clients ask for organic products which they believe is good for their health.

In 2013 CFAP provided several households with a pond, also Mr. Borat’s family received this water basin.  He expects this will further improve his business, as he now can grow vegetables the whole year round; in dry season he can use his water basin to irrigate his plants. 

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