Dutch and local Agripoolers sharing knowledge


Click here to watch the movie Agripool Q2-2022

In this short movie you see an overview of Dutch Agripoolers visiting our clients in the second quarter (Q2) of 2022.

In total 43 Agripoolers shared their knowledge with colleagues in Africa and Asia. 15 countries were visited, of which 10 in Africa. 

10 Agripoolers came from the Netherlands, 33 Agripoolers were hands-on experts from the country or region itself. This mostly concerns personnel or directors of professional, high-performing cooperatives that once received Agriterra’s advice themselves. They gladly pass on their acquired knowledge to cooperatives that are still at the start of the process.  

Dutch organisations involved: Rabo Partnerships, LTO, NAJK, LTO Noord, Royal Flora Holland and Vrouwen van Nu


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