Agriterra on Vietnam TV

23-01-2017 On 21 January a news item about Agriterra was broadcasted on Vietnam TV.
January 21st, 2017
Pm on 20/1, Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi, Vice Chairman Huynh Anh Minh and leaders of several departments of the province has been meeting and working with the delegation from the Netherlands Development Organization and agriculture Organization of the Netherlands. Missions by Mr. Harm Haverkort, Chief Representative of the Netherlands to support development in Vietnam.
Provincial Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Van Loi expressed his wish, through this survey, that the delegation will have options to support the provinces with cooperative development in the right direction,  and can help farmers get rich from agriculture industry. It should especially support organization for provincial administration training project cooperative, training of technical management and production processes, and have a voice with the Central Government ministries major of to address the challenge of financing of cooperatives.
Mr Harm Haverkort, Representative Organization Netherlands Development Assistance in Vietnam, working as chief said he appreciated the participation of all levels of government in the development of cooperatives. The purpose of this mission is to identify Cooperatives for inclusion in the program support until 2020. In the two days survey, he found that there is much potential in Binh Phuoc. He hoped both sides would endeavor to cooperate, to establish mutual trust to jointly focus on improving the capacity of the cooperative  and link them in the value chain of agricultural production.
Earlier, the delegation from the Netherlands Development Organization and Agriculture Organization of the Netherlands has examined and explore cooperative production processes in the value chain link smart Agricultural production in Long Hung commune, district Phu Rieng.

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