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The 15th of October is ‘International Day of Rural Women’. In order to bring awareness of the importance of women in the agricultural sector, Agriterra will publish for the coming 2 weeks every day one story of an inspirational woman. Through the posting we want to show women’s role in building and strengthening of cooperatives, to encourage and support women who are already active in cooperatives, and to empower other women to also engage with cooperatives! The stories are collected from the women that work in the cooperatives and unions that are clients of Agriterra.
Curious about the stories of our strong women working in the cooperatives? How they got involved with the cooperatives? What challenges they face and what dreams they have?  
Then follow this site for the most inspirational stories, starting from today!

Jumuriah, 40 years
KSU Amanah,
Polewali-Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

I am a farmer’s daughter and since I love nature, I always have passion to increase production by fighting pests and diseases. So, in 2005, when I was still a field school trainer of Agrifoca, I joined Amanah (previously a farmer organisation) and today I am the Treasurer of KSU Amanah – the cooperative.
As one of the cooperative leaders, I think I sometimes put my feelings first before logic, I often have pity. But I also see this as a strength, a leader should possess empathy, in order to understand and share the feelings of another. And also, there are other qualities that most women possess: women work more detailed, we are good at organising activities and are very good in controlling the budget of the activities. Therefore I think that having female leaders in organisations will have a big advantage. 

My involvement in organisations was not easy at first. My family did not support me back then, but after I explained what I do, I have their full support now. Negative views also come from other people, especially when I go to the field with my motor-cycle accompanied by a male colleague. Despite the challenges I face, I always say that women should have their own income and to have their autonomy. My experiences have showed me that women can indeed increase their knowledge and increase their income. Women’s ideas and opinions are as good as those of men.

I do hope in the next five years, I can retire and other young women will succeed me. This is also why I currently train several female teams. I think training on women empowerment can encourage female leadership at the cooperative, also with having affirmative regulation that 40% of Board of Director should consist of female and a working environment that can accept women leader.

At last, my wish is that the Government of Indonesia keeps promoting women’s position in the society, no more discrimination and violence to child and woman. And to all women, do not be afraid to do something. Woman deserves to get what she should get. Woman should not always be behind man. Woman can also become the shield of her family!

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