Benchmarking with SACCO

12-06-2014 Agrittera supports four SACCOs (Savings And Credit Co-operative societies) named Aberdare SACCO, Imenti SACCO, Kiambaa SACCO and Wakulima SACCO. Those cooperatives are linked to the dairy produce cooperatives in Kenya. This week, a team of Dutch bankers from Rabobank and ABN AMRO visited the cooperative in order to pass on their know-how to the SACCOs.

Karel van Vugt and Madelon Pfeiffer, representatives of Rabobank, and Harm Folkers en Fons Simons, representatives of ABN AMRO, wrote a short impression of their visit to Kenya.

The official program started with a meeting with the SACCOs to give an in-depth understanding of benchmarking and how to use it. The aim of the whole program is to help enhance the performance of each SACCO. The method to use is benchmarking, which can be done with figures, activities and practising methods. The bottom line is to analyse topics in a way that change, if necessary, can be done thoroughly.
The day was followed up by presentations of the four SACCOs and a presentation by Harm about the way Dutch dairy farmers use benchmarking.

The second day in the programme of benchmarking for SACCOs is used to practise the fishing bowl method. The attendants are curious, willing to learn and practising with enthusiasm. This works!

This way the important topics are discussed and worked through, which also took the third day. Now, the people of the SACCOs are already linking more possibilities which they lack of having in common. It seems that the next step is made in thinking and networking; apart from that they discuss various items to explore together. What more can we do? Monitor.

Enclosed are a number of photos. To be continued.
































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