Zambia, Kenyabusiness advisor Coordinator in Africa

Bertken de Leede

Bertken de Leede (1969) studied Forestry at the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), where she graduated in 1993. She did an internship in an SNV project in Guinea-Bissau (Africa). After graduation, Bertken worked for 11 years in, respectively, Ghana, Pakistan, Bolivia and Nepal where she fulfilled several functions within the context of forestry and rural development projects, executed by organisations such as ADRA, WFP-DGIS, FAO and DANIDA.

She works for Agriterra since June 2005. First as a projects officer, since 2010 as liaison officer for Asia and East Europe. As of April 2015 Bertken is business advisor. She is responsible for the elaboration, application and monitoring of gender aspects within the Farmers Fighting Poverty programme.




Willemsplein 42
6811 KD Arnhem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445