Zambiabusiness advisor

Brenda Sianangama

Brenda Sianangama holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Sciences (Agronomy) from the University of Zambia. She started working for Agriterra in September 2017 as Business Advisor in the Eastern Part of Zambia. With a background in Agronomy and a seed inspector by nature, she has extensive experience in working with small-scale and emerging farmers in Zambia in the areas of crop management, management of outgrower schemes and seed multiplication.
As an Agro-production Specialist, she trains, advises and coaches farmer organisations’ extension staff and leads farmers to invest in high-quality inputs and to apply good Agronomic practices. Her previous positions were Field Supervisor at Good Nature Agro, Seed Technology Officer at the Zambia Seed Trade Association (ZASTA) and Field Officer at the Conservation Farming Unit (CFU). Helping farmers to increase their income and reduce poverty in Zambia is one of her major motivation to work with agricultural cooperatives as well as at Agriterra. 



Willemsplein 42
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The Netherlands

+31 (0)26 44 55 445