Co-operative Governance training in Kenya


Three cooperatives (Meru Central Coffee Co-operative Union Ltd, Lelan Highland Dairy Ltd & JOINAS SACCOS Ltd) trained in Co-operative Governance program in Kenya.

The training was for 4 days and it took place at Green Hill Hotel in Nyeri County (Central Province Kenya) from 01st May to the 5th of May, 2016.

The training was conducted by Agriterra and facilitated by Mr. Daniel Muchemi – Kenya Local Consultant and Mr. Jos Van Campen - Dutch Expert (Farmer since 1972 from Netherlands) and attended by Mr. Dik van de Koolwijk – Business Advisor HQ to Kenya, Mr. Tjeerd Rijpma – Kenya Agribusiness Advisor, Mr. Patrick Kagathi – Kenya Agribusiness Advisor, Mr. Ibrahimu Harry Mwankanye – Tanzania Agribusiness Advisor and Mr. Mikidadi Waziri – Tanzania Local consultant.

The training was made simple and interactive and some of the explanations were deeply explained in order to make  sure everyone understood, the Cooperative Governance process  and getting a better governance in the future for cooperatives.

At the end of training period, all the participants were able:

  1. To understand the field of Cooperative Governance.

  2. Making Action Plan for roles of governance in cooperatives

  3. Youth and gender representation featuredwith heated discussions and plans to improve

  4. Promise on establishment of Cooperative Youth council

  5. To practice intercollegial consultation between the participants and agree to use with other members during the meeting.

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