Sustainable cooperative development across Vietnam


As of 2023, Agriterra's footprint spans across 17 provinces in Vietnam, directly supporting over 70 projects and partners and indirectly assisting 200 more.
Reaching over 80,000 farmers, Agriterra equips and strengthens farmers´ organisations so they can boost their services for farmers to increase their productivity, involving youth & women leadership and becoming smart cooperatives, responding to climate change. 

Through the formulation of bankable investment plans, Agriterra facilitates the development of agro-industries, Agriterra's technical assistance has facilitated 35 cooperatives in accessing banking services and securing loans, amounting to over 2.2 million euros invested in working capital and various developmental endeavors.

Additionally, Agriterra works diligently to prepare farmer organisations and cooperatives to effectively advocate for the interests of farmers, contributing to an improved agricultural landscape and bolstering rural development efforts.

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Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Agricultural Cooperatives in Vietnam
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Agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam, owned and managed by farmers, are critical for providing services, enhancing product scale, and adopting uniform farming techniques to meet market demands.

Agriterra supports cooperatives through climate resilience, digital transformation, leadership training for women, youth engagement, and sustainable aquaculture projects (MACIB Project). These initiatives aim to improve cooperatives operations, promote green practices, and ensure financial and organizational self-sufficiency.

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