DACF Makawanpur update


Some time ago Agriterra published an article about a new pilot at DACF Makawanpur (you can read the article on our Dutch website). Since then DACF Makawanpur has made some really exciting progress and has updated us about the successful pilot. 

DACF have commercialized the graded potato in Bajrabarahi with pack size of 25kg and 10kg labeled leno bags. Till this date, they have sold more than 10 tons of potato in Kathmandu, NACCFL shop outlet, shopping marts and other cities of Nepal.  

DACF has also been successful to sell the potato in wholesale price of Rs 34, while the retail price is Rs 40+ these days. This is why they are successful to push a huge quantity of product in the market. This year they have kept negligible margin so as to promote the business and brand name of co-operatives. 

As for the future, they have plans to process a huge quantity of potato with the start of the season with better packaging, labeling and add washing operation in processing unit next year. Furthermore, they also have plans of processing and packing turmeric powder, maize flour and honey from several VDCs of Makawanpur under one village one product basis. They have finished the pre-work and waiting for fund release. 


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