East-Africa, Tanzania: a Farmers’ Roadmap of Expanding Successful Horticulture

EAT:FRESH is a Public Private Partnership project implemented in the horticulture value chain of the Southern Highlands in Tanzania. The purpose of the project is to make the Iringa and Njombe regions viable sources for the production of three high-value horticulture crops: French beans, snow peas and avocados. This will be done by investing in farmer organisation development, agro-logistics, eco-friendly fertilizer and linkages with export markets.
  • EAT:FRESH  project was formed in 2018 by 5 partners that will work as Public Private Partnership
  • Partners in the project are TechForce, GBRI, Guava, Agriterra and NEEC
  • Agriterra is responsible in revitalisation of the cooperatives so that they can be trusted and  are bankable
  • Crop of interest are fine beans, snow snap peas and avocado
  • The first scoping of 15 farmers organisations was in November 2018, the project was introduced at regional level in August 2019 and at district level the project was introduced in November 2019

Download here the flyer of EAT:FRESH

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