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Thursday, January 12, 2012

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"I was able to send my children to secondary school and even to college in Lusaka thanks to my income out of rice farming", as stated by Mrs. Rosemary Namyinza, farmer and board member of the Isoka District Rice Assocation (IDRA) in Zambia. Members of IDRA have access to good quality and low priced seeds and fertilizer. And this year the rice association made a good contract with a buyer who pays a good price for the rice, better than the farmers used to receive.

Rosemary Namyinza lives in the village Mutonda, in the Isoka District located in Zambia's remote of Northern Province. She lost her husband in 1991 and raised her children mostly alone. Two of her children are married and live in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. One of them started his own driving school. Her two other children still live with her on the farm.

She has 6 hectares of land, of which three are cultivated with rice and the other three with maize. She joined a farmers group (with about 50 members of which 17 women) to get access to fertilizer and seeds for the maize growing. In 2008 she started to be involved in the foundation of an association for rice farmers, which turned out in the establishment of  the Isoka District Rice Assocation in 2009. She participated in this process and became member because she wanted to diversify her income and the price for rice is higher than for maize. Also maize easier gets infected while storing than rice, so she wants to professionalize and extent her rice growing.

Source: Agriterra

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