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"The search for a new software is quite difficult, the ones I select are either too expensive, or not available in Bahasa." Bente Boegheim wrote a blog about her internship in Indonesia.

"I arrived in Medan on February 26th, this was the day my new adventure started, and I was excited for this! Together with an Indonesian intern, Aranta Putri, we arrived at the office on Monday, and everybody greeted us with open arms. The objective of our internship is the implementation of a traceability-software, and hopefully together with this, also a new bookkeeping system. Discovering their interest in a youth council is also part of our assignment.

The first week mainly consisted out of visits to different villages, farmers, and collectors. We got to know the coffee production process, and all the different steps within the supply chain. I find it all very interesting, because I have never worked with coffee before, everything is still new to me.

The search for a new software is quite difficult, the ones I select are either too expensive, or not available in Bahasa. Aranta is looking at Indonesian softwares, and hopefully soon, we will start the implementation process! We are thinking on developing QR-codes with all the important information of individual farmers, and collectors. I finished the file with all the needed information, so we can start to develop the codes. Even though the search for a software might be difficult, we do know what we need and want to implement.

Two weeks ago, we visited the warehouse located in Medan, I found this very interesting and it helped me complete the picture of the whole chain. Everybody is very nice over here; they take us to a lot of places (even in the weekends), and answer all of our questions.  I am starting to learn a bit of Bahasa, but I find the language hard to remember, luckily there still is enough time for me to upgrade my Bahasa skills. This week there was a possible new buyer looking at the coffee of KPG. They also included a cupping session; this is where they look at the quality, taste and smell of the coffee. This was all very interesting to experience!

During the weekends we try to spend our time in a nice and relaxing way, the people at the cooperative took us to the lake, to the hotsprings, and to a lot more beautiful places. The landscape and views are so wonderful, it’s breathtaking. Hopefully this weekend we will go camping with the staff of KPG, and possibly fish a bit as well. So, next to business, there is also time and a lot of opportunities for pleasure.

We still have three more months to go, and I am convinced that with the staff of KPG, the knowledge of Aranta, and that of mine, we will conduct a beautiful and successful assignment. The activities we undertake now are mainly contact possible traceability-/bookkeeping softwares, in order to find the right one. After this, we hopefully are able to implement the perfect software.
Life treats us well, and you will hear from me next month!"

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