Improving Governance in Rungwe Smallholders Tea Growers Association (RSTGA Saccos Ltd)

05-04-2017 RSTGA SACCOS was established in 2008 (Tanzania) with 2,133 members, 1 office and 1 branch. Currently, there are 3227 members (in 6 branches), and it is expected that by June 2017, 5773 new members will be registered, so that the total number will be 9000 members in 6 branches. RSTGA SACCOS operates hand in hand with RSTGA Umoja (Tea Growers Union) aiming at increasing the membership base and capital investment.

RSTGA SACCOS needs to strengthen its governance structure to achieve its mission of promoting financial inclusion to the rural poor. It is in this arena that RSTGA SACCOS, with the support of Agriterra, organizes a workshop for the board. During this workshop a thorough Organization Assessment is performed to establish the base for organization development process, with the focus on HR- management & development.

From 28th to 31st of March, Improving Governance especially HR Management training was provided to RSTGA Saccos by Agriterra and conducted by Mr. Bert Steenbergen. He is a farmer in Italy, member of the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (CIA) and Mr. Ibrahimu Harry Mwankanye, Agriterra’s Tanzanian Business Advisor

The aim of this mission was to support the board of RSTGA Saccos to improve the governance and especially the HR management. Based on interviews, discussions and with the use of a Governance Health Check, the Agriterra team has analysed the current structure and operations of the Governance. Based on the findings we discussed with the board about the actual management situation, practical improvements and desired adjustments.

Four days is too short to address all the factors involved in Improving Governance sufficiently, especially HR Management. But the RSTGA Saccos Board Members were very eager to learn and participated actively in the training. They have absorbed as much as possible from the training which has strengthened RSTGA Saccos position in the HR Management.

Based on the discussions with the board, the outcome of the Governance Health Check and our observations and documents checks, it is important and urgent to normalize the position of the management as soon as possible. This position should be filled in with a qualified General Manager to restore the lines of control and delegation of tasks and responsibilities. For the planning & control function, a qualified Accountant should be in the right position.

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