Increase of income of Zambian female rice grower

30-06-2014 Maureen Nambete is member of Chiwanza SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) in Londamaka in Isoka District, part of the Northern Province of Zambia. The SACCO has 20 members of which 8 men and 12 women. It is still a very young group with 1000 Kwasha in the bank. They have not started issuing out loans yet. Since one year Maureen is part of the Chiwanza SACCO, in which she has put in a share of 80 Kwasha.

Maureen (52) lives together with her husband she has eleven children. The youngest one is 10 years old and the oldest is 36 years. Six of the children are still living with her and the others are married. Farming is what the family connects; they are all farmers.

On the 10 hectare of land Maureen and her husband are having, they grow at the moment 1 hectare of cassava, half hectare of millet, 3/4 hectare of rice, ¼ hectare of beans and ¾ hectare of maize. From her childhood she knows how to grow rice. She received advice from the extension worker in the area and the business manager from Isoka District Rice Association to increase her production of rice.

The advices Maureen got resulted in starting to do weeding, good plant spacing between and seeding rates in the row, appropriate planting depth. In their demonstration plot new seeds are grown which she will receive next season. She used to do broadcasting of rice, sowing seeds by scattering it. Through dribbling or drilling higher yields are obtained which she observes in the demonstration plot.

For this season she does not know yet in kilogram how many more yields she will get, but she observed more and healthier plants. With the money she receives from the rice production she can send the children to school. All can go now to the secondary school. She is planning to build a house with an iron sheet. 

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