Insignia Agriterra


The board of presidents of Agriterra in the period 1997 – 2017, in allusion to the 20th anniversary of the Dutch agri-agency, has decided to honour Mrs. Aaltje de Roos and award her the Insignia Agriterra.


Aaltje de Roos  is senior policy officer of the ministry of foreign afffairs and works in the department of Sustainable Economic Development. The recognition goes with a lengthy justification that is summarized by the Board as follows: “Aaltje de Roos has used all her enthusiasm, commitment, creativity, network and brainpower to put the farmer cause higher on the international agenda. The poor farmer's voice could be heard that way. Aaltje de Roos has been invaluable for the development of Agriterra.” Agriterra can recognize the work of selected persons, who for a longer period and in a consistent way have enhanced the cause of farmers and supported the work of Agriterra. The recognition has the form of a Certificate and an Insignia that can be worn in all occasions. It is made in a male and female version of 18 karats gold by Hayk Ghazaryan, an Armenian-Dutch goldsmith.

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