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Justine Mucyo

Justine Mucyo(1993) was born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda. Justine holds a bachelor’s degree in Soil and Water Management from the University of Rwanda, in the College of Agriculture, Animal sciences and Veterinary Medicine, and she is soon completing her masters’ degree in Project Management.                   

 From 2017 until April 2021, Justine has worked for a dutch private company, Holland Greentech, providing services and products of horticulture in Rwanda and around Africa, where she was working closely with private professional farmers and projects/companies involved in horticulture, both for open-fields and Greenhouses. In 2019, Justine had an opportunity to learn from experienced farms, where she was working as assistant grower in the largest fully automated Hydroponic Greenhouses in New York, USA. Justine is passionate about Horticulture/Agriculture and she is also a passionate agronomist and farmer.

Justine has joined Agriterra team/Rwanda in May, 2021 as Agronomist/Business Advisor in HortInvest project. Justine is more motivated in working together with locals and internationals, to bring about food security&safety and sustainable development across Rwanda and the region.



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