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From 6 to 15 October Agriterra welcomes a group of 9 young farmers from 8 different countries. They are coming to The Netherlands for a study tour visit. Goal of the program is to strengthen and develop personal leadership of the (to be) leaders within the agrifood system.
Read here the stories from three participants of the studytour: Jackson Kiprono (31), Juan Tavolare (34) and Lyn Untiveros (27).

Jackson Kiprono (31), Kenya

Having more than five (5) years experience with Chepkorio Dairies cooperative as extension staff, Jackson has managed to implement artificial insemination services and as a youth council chairperson, he managed to mobilise youth to join the youth council.

“They have shown changes and positive attitude towards dairy farming since I acted as an example by being a hardworking dairy farmer. In the future, I want to join the Board of Management of Chepkorio Dairies”.

Juan Tavolara (34), Bolivia

As co-founder of the Youth Agricultural Federation in Santa Cruz and founder of FARM joven (Federation of Rural Youth), and being the CEO at cattle farm ‘Horizonte’, Juan is promoting youth inclusion in agricultural on many levels. His goal is to train a new generation of leaders. Besides his mission is to “be the pioneers and supporters of good politics, food safety and the food industry as a whole to contribute to feeding the world”.


Lyn Untiveros (27), Philippines

Lyn is an enthusiastic young woman from the Philippines, who is currently working in Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative, largest agri-based cooperative in the Philippines which focuses mainly on poultry, hogs, and crops. She wants to become a role model for young farmers and use the learnings and experiences in the Netherlands as a way to inspire other youngsters.

Meet the young farmers (1)

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