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Pamela Koskei is 52 years old. She is a farmer, a chairperson in her primary cooperative ‘Langas Farmers’ Cooperative Society’ and a board member of the union BAMSCOS in Kenya. In 2019, she followed Agriterra’s Female Leadership Training (FLT) together with five fellow BAMSCOS members. In 2020, she got the opportunity to participate in Agriterra’s Female Leadership Masterclass as well.

In 2014, Pamela was elected as chairperson in her primary cooperative ‘Langas Farmers’ and later that year she became a board member for BAMSCOS. Since then, Pamela experienced a lot of changes within the cooperatives regarding Female Leadership. She proudly tells:

“After the FLT, gender and female leadership became a part of the agenda within the union and my primary cooperative. The FLT allowed women to come out and fight for seats in the board.” 

Although Pamela already started sensitizing women in the community on the importance of women participation before the FLT, the topic was formerly not prioritised on the agenda of the union. Since the training a lot has changed. Not only did the training impact Pamela personally, she also saw changes in the union and the primary cooperatives she supports.

Personally, Pamela feels empowered through Agriterra’s trainings.

“When I was elected as a chairlady in my primary cooperative, I ran into a lot of challenges. Some of the male members did not accept leadership from a woman. As a result of the training, men now accept me as a leader. I was able to show the members of my cooperative that I am capable to lead”,

tells Pamela. 

Also as a board member of BAMSCOS, Pamela experienced positive developments regarding Female Leadership after the training. In BAMSCOS, the chairperson used to be the sole decision-maker. After FLT, Pamela was able to speak up and convince the board of the importance of working towards a way forward together.

“I’ve been personally empowered through Agriterra’s training. I gained a lot of confidence due to the training. I’ve brought knowledge back home, that I can implement in the cooperative. In the first instance, I feared to take up a leadership position. I did not know if I was able to convince others of my ideas. I know now that I can bring ideas to the table as well.”

Pamela now also empowers other women in the cooperative society by providing them with training.

“We have more female members now and women even desire to take up leadership positions.”


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