An update of the rice project in DR Congo


The rice project, also known as the Heineken project, is a Bralima-Cooperatives-Agriterra tripartite project. To make beer, the Bralima factory buys rice from cooperatives that are supported by Agriterra. 

You can watch the movie of the project here

The project started in 2019 with 5 cooperatives which delivered 1500 Tons of rice. In 2020 a cooperative was added. Very unfortunately the effects of Covid-19 meant that the cooperatives delivered 1350 Tons that year. In 2021, the cooperatives delivered 2200 tons of rice and this year 2022 the delivery will be 3000 tons with another cooperative that can be added.
Conclusion: From 2019 until the end of 2022, at least 7 cooperatives will deliver in total 8050 Tons of rice to Bralima Bukavu. 

For the past 3 years, deliveries have been made with a credit of $888,700 taken from Equitybank and the financial institution PAIDEK. Agriterra's support is remarkable through the advice, exchanges and training. Clients appreciate this and it helps them to gain the confidence of financial institutions who do not hesitate to give loans that are easily repayable by the clients. A win-win business continues to be realised and we notice positive changes in terms of infrastructures which are improved and work tools that are purchased. The change is also noticeable at the level of the members where the agricultural areas are increasing as well as the improvement of the habitats. Much remains to be done in financial management and governance to professionalise the cooperatives.


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