Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGP)

Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain in Uganda

‘Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain’ is a project funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) through the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGP) facility.

The project purpose is to create a market driven, interconnected and economically viable seed and ware potato value chain from farmer to processing industry in Uganda. This is a Public-Private-Partnership project implemented by a consortium led by Delphy BV while other consortium partners are Psalms Food Industries Limited, National Agricultural Research Organization-Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (NARO-KaZARDI), Uganda National Seed Potato Producers Association Ltd (UNSPPA) and Agriterra.

The project duration is 4 years starting from 01/07/2020 up to 30/06/2024.

The project key outcomes and outputs are:

  1. Increased availability of traceable high quality seed potatoes
  2. Innovative value addition
  3. Market driven agriculture as a business
  4. Reduced post-harvest losses

The role of Agriterra in this project is to strengthen the role played by target farmer cooperatives in seed and ware potato value chains in Uganda through Cooperative business advisory services, Customized cooperative action plans, and deployment of Dutch potato expertise.




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