Diversifying sources of income within shea cooperatives in Burkina Faso


Agriterra in Burkina Faso is delighted to share with you the highlights of the training we organised for members of the BOUD NOOMA cooperative, under supervision of Agriterra's Cooperative advisor Biba Ouattara.
Throughout the week of 21-25 August 2023, we had the privilege of working closely with these dedicated shea butter producers, and the results were truly remarkable! 

Shea plays an important role in generating income for women in Burkina Faso through their cooperatives. But the activity only occupies 4 to 5 months of the year. So it's vital to think about diversifying sources of income through new forms of enterprise.
After drawing up a business plan to understand the profitability of the new business, the focus shifted to training the people in charge of production.

🌱 Learning:
This training was much more practical than theoretical. The theoretical phase consisted of giving the necessary information on the practical side, i.e. hygiene and the dosages of the different types of products. In short, during the 5 days of training, the members did one day of theory.

💡 Innovation and adaptation:
One of the most inspiring moments was the creation of this new business, which involves manufacturing and marketing laundry soap, shower gel and shower gel. The cooperative has some basic equipment to start production. The proof is that after the training, the members continued production this week. They have the possibility of obtaining the raw materials locally in Ouagadougou. After analyzing the market, the cooperative will be able to sell on the local market. Demand for soap is strong. In terms of improved income, the women will be in business throughout the year.

🌍 Impact on the community:
What we have achieved together goes beyond the cooperative. The knowledge acquired during this training will have a positive impact on the livelihoods of the members of the cooperative and will contribute to improving the living conditions of the households in our community.

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