The power of transparency

10-03-2015 Agriterra has published the first data on its work with farmers organisations and cooperatives in the IATI Registry. The International Aid Transparency Initiative, in short IATI, is an online database of project information from the development sector. Everyone can consult already since 2003 all data of Agriterra on, now Agriterra also shares information via IATI.

Openness in results, finances and projects has always been one of the pillars of Agriterra. In the project tracking system all Agriterra’s project and organizational data can be found. This information is accessible to everyone. Through the sharing of this information not only the work of Agriterra becomes transparent, also others can use this to their advantage. By also publishing IATI data sets Agriterra adds an addition to its openness, because part of the data is now also available according to the global IATI standard. With this publication Agriterra is immediately ahead of others who publish their data via IATI: not only the recent years, but also the years 2011, 2010 and 2009 are made available through AITI, and soon even the years before that will be published. Through IATI more insight is given in activities in development cooperation, the value of the data over the years becomes more significant and Agriterra fully supports this.

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