The succesful implementation for Coaki

17-07-2014 How the formation at Imbaraga with advisor Henk Scheele developed in successful implementation for Coaki.

Jean Claude Mahalipo Molo, a staff member of Coaki (a marketing cooperative as part of the syndicate Sydip, Congo) visited in January 2014 the workshop of the organisation Imbaraga (Rwanda). During a training of seven days Henk Scheele Agriterra advisor explained Jean Claude the ins and outs of the business and the production process of potatoes. Filled with inspiration, enthusiasm and practical advises he returned. Recently he informed Agriterra about the helpful formation. Read the practical successes and bright grow of turnovers of Coaki.

To start, the kitchen is developed. The work is not yet finished, but it has improved a lot. Before, the team was used to peel all the potatoes which in practice meant a loss of 20 kilos for every 100 kilo potatoes. Not peeling means a big win so to say and on top of that Coaki receives compliments about the beautiful ornament of the slices. Besides the profit that was made with no more peeling, the precision of weighing was the second change that led to cost reduction for Coaki. The scale they received provides clear insight in package weight, so no more grams are lost. The third practical implementation concerns a homogeneous cooking temperature with thanks to the thermometer that was provided. The cost-benefit figures strengthen the implementation changes with 26,5Fc (0,02 euro) for each package.

Thanks to the marketing effort that has been made they got two big orders of 1000 packages / 20g each and there is more to come. 

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