Thinking in solutions: the story of Ayeleche


Since 2005 Ayeleche joined the Lume Adama Farmers’ Cooperative Union. Joining Lume Adama gave her easily access to agricultural inputs and fertilizers for farming. Working through a cooperation has many benefits.

Ayeleche Mulugeta Rarso, 38 years
Lume Adama Farmers’ Cooperative Union
Oromia region, East Shewa Modjo (Ejere woreda), Ethiopia

My name is Ayeleche Mulugeta Rarso and I am 38 years old. I became an active member in the cooperative to give better service for households and farmers, as many have an disadvantage of mistreatment in assets of farmers. I try to find solutions for these problems. As a women it is not easy to get a share. My father was member of a cooperative and when he passed away, the officials prohibited me to take the share of my father. I decided to join the cooperative and tried to change the bylaw of demise.

I am the executive secretary of Board and member of the Steering committee. The role is really difficult and needs more time and commitment of others, but I want to be a role model for other women to join the cooperatives and be part of the decision-making. It would be good to have more female leaders as women are more careful on corruption and addiction. They see all people equal and have the capacity for open discussion. Never say women can’t do something, rather give them the opportunity.

In general more women, young women, should have a farm land and be able to join a cooperative as it gives benefits for them. Therefore awareness should be created of  working in cooperatives: working together for change and improvement. Working together instead of eating together. The cooperative should create awareness on gender equality, as women can do what men do. Trainings should be given on female leadership, preparing experience sharing or visiting sessions on women participation and results.

At the moment I have 2.5 acres of farm land, and am a dedicated woman that likes to work hard for the cooperative. However, my biggest wish for the future is to have a hotel!  Preferably in the area where I grew up in order to develop this area more.

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