Top 74 ‘Best-performing clients of 2016’


On Wednesday the 13th of December the Top 74 of best-performing clients of 2016 were presented during the Agriterra Exchange Day.

The Top 74 is a yearly ranking of Agriterra’s clients based on their performance. The clients are evaluated on different categories. The categories include a financial ratio analysis, client’s contribution to Agriterra’s 2020 Goals, an evaluation by the business advisor, non-financial performance indicators, the availability of required documentation and a financial health check. Each category has its own weight, leading to a total score per client.


110 clients of 2016 could be analysed, of which 83 cooperatives, 18 farmer organisations and 9 savings & credit cooperatives. Only the 74 highest scoring clients are placed in the Top 74 of 2016. The Top 3 of 2016 is as following:

1. Sol & Cafe, Peru

2. SFACF Makwanpur, Nepal

3. Kibinge, Uganda


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