Training for 41 farmers from MICU LTD


41 farmers from MICU LTD trained in production of Organic Farm Inputs. The training was for three days and it took place in Mbeya City (Southern Highland Tanzania) from 5 to 7July 2016.

The training was conducted by Mr. Ruben Borge and Mr. Gerrit Jukema. Ruben Borge is an expert in International integrated land and water resources management and agricultural engineering project management renewable energy. Ruben owns the consultancy Rockinsoils (
Gerrit Jukema is an Agripooler;  owner of an agricultural farm that specialises in seed potatoes and also growing weeds, grass seeds, sugar beets and onions. He is member of 2 cooperatives (COSUN + HZPC) and of the farmer-organisation LTO-Noord. 
Everything was translated in local language by Mr. Kasian Mwenda and supervised by Mr. Ibrahimu Harry Mwankanye – Tanzania Business Advisor.

The training was made simple and interactive, by translating from English to Swahili language (local language) just to make sure everyone understood and be active participation during the training.

At the end of training period, all the participants were able:

  • Commitment of organic farm inputs trainee to train other members of the AMCOS.
  • To understand how to calculate cost of production for organic farmer inputs.
  • Understand the logic of soil nutrient management and prepare bio-fertilisers with farm waste and local rock dust.
  • Produce their own rock dust, compost and bio-fertiliser.
  • Monitor and test the effects local rock dust to produce fertilisers and communicate the results assess and preparation of materials ingredients and sites.

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