Training in Member Commitment & Internal Capitalisation


The training was for 5 days and it took place at Mount Livingstone Hotel in Mbeya Region (Southern Highland Zone) – from 16th to 20th of October 2017. What did this training look like and what did the participants learn? Read the whole article to find out. 

The training was conducted by Agriterra and facilitated by Mrs. Wendy Kamp-Davelaar (Dutch Agripool Expert). She is a farmer at a dairy farm in the southern part of Netherlands, and Mr. Bert Steenbergen – Dutch Agripool Expert (has more than 28 years of experience at the Rabobank). Translation in local language was done by Mr. Mwenda, supervised by Mr. Ibrahimu Harry Mwankanye – National Business Advisor at Agriterra.

The training was made simple and interactive, by translating from English to Swahili language (local language) just to make sure everyone understood and be active participation during the training.

At the end of training period, all the participants were able:

  • To increased knowledge of member commitment
  • To increased knowledge of internal capitalization
  • Prepare Action plan per cooperative with practical follow up activities related to the Workshop

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