Women are dedicated to reach goals


Today we share the story of Kavira Mandiki Alexandrine, with 60 years she is the oldest of our inspiring women! But despite her age, she is still very active within her cooperative.

Kavira Mandiki Alexandrine
Democratic Republic of Congo

For almost 18 years, Kavira is member of the cooperative. Her membership started as Kavira attended meetings in her neighbourhood that were frequently organised by IFED (Intégration de la Femmes au Développement). IFED is connected to the organisation, LOFEPACO (Ligue des Organisations des Femmes Paysanne du Congo). In a short time, she got inspired by the others that attended the meetings and decided to become a member of the organisation LOFEPACO.

From the very beginning, Kavira acknowledges the importance of the agricultural sector and the importance of women in this sector. Therefore she works hard in the organisation and sees as well that more awareness should be created about the importance of women in agriculture. In the organisation she is in the control commission.

Kavira argues that the strength of women in leadership positions is their commitment to goals. Women are dedicated to reach goals which have been set. As well, women are better in the financial aspect within cooperatives. A cooperative should stimulate this by putting intro practice the principles of good governance. For the future she hopes that more young women get involved in agricultural organisations!

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