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Krisha Marie Mecija

Krisha Marie Mecija is a young professional with a distinguished academic background in Agriculture, encompassing an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in agriculture with a specialization in Horticulture. As a licensed agriculturist, her expertise in Horticulture is testament to her dedication and proficiency in the field. With an extensive tenure as a research specialist, Krisha has accumulated substantial experience in the agricultural domain.

Before joining Agriterra, Krisha made significant contributions as a project manager and technical secretariat at the Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (DA-BAFS). Her pivotal role in the development of various Philippine National Standards (PNS) for agricultural commodities highlights her ability to spearhead essential initiatives within the agricultural research and regulatory landscape. With her involvement in the development of PNS, she played an instrumental part in providing a solid foundation for diverse agriculture-related regulations in the country. Additionally, Krisha's dedication to upholding food safety and quality is demonstrated through her service as a quality auditor for a prominent local corporation in the Philippines. In this capacity, she formulated internal standards and monitors suppliers and certified potential suppliers, ensuring that stringent measures are in place to safeguard the organic integrity and safety of food products.

With her profound experience as a research specialist, project manager, and quality auditor, Kris brings additional knowledge and expertise to her current role at Agriterra. Her commitment to advancing sustainable agricultural practices and fostering cooperation within the sector that she hopes will contribute significantly to Agriterra's mission and vision.



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