VietnamCooperative Advisor

Tran Quang Dieu

Tran Quang Dieu graduated from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam, and holds a Master’s Degree majoring in Agriculture and Forestry. He has 11 years of experience across various fields of professional work, including undertaking development projects where he has achieved significant successes in helping vulnerable local communities throughout many parts of the country.

From his work with different NGOs in Vietnam, Dieu has gained significant experience in capacity building and livelihood development via work with community groups. He has an understanding of a range of different contexts, the challenges to communities that they bring, as well as their opportunities. Dieu has paid a special attention to addressing the challenges, exploring ways to bridge the gaps and helping
vulnerable communities overcome barriers of development.

Dieu now assumes an important role in supporting farmers, farmer-led groups and cooperatives to improve their production, further their market linkage, and overall achieve production, operation and networking.

Dieu is an open-minded and committed person who always dedicates himself to his work. Dieu also enjoys working in a dynamic environment and is very much keen to learn best practices from, and share lessons with, others. Listening to music and playing sports are Dieu’s personal hobbies. He also has a special interest in reading in order to continuously learn new things, and in discovering new places to
broaden his horizons.



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