Agriterra and FrieslandCampina: A better living for farmers in new and emerging economies by continuing partnership


On Monday 29 October Hein Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer of FrieslandCampina, and Marc Calon, Chairman of the Board of Agriterra, signed an agreement to extend the partnership between the two organisations for another period of 5 years.

Marc Calon (l) and Hein Schumacher (r)

FrieslandCampina and Agriterra have been working together since 2012 and share the ambition to improve the livelihoods of smallholder dairy farmers in Asia and Africa by sharing Dutch dairy knowledge and expertise.

Dairy development
The dairy cooperative has been sharing Dutch dairy expertise for over 35 years with dairy farmers in specific countries in the context of its Dairy Development Programme (DDP). The aim of DDP is to boost dairy production, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in a sustainable way to support farmers to get a better living. In the partnership FrieslandCampina and Agriterra also work on youth leadership to make the dairy sector more attractive for future generations to improve food security.

Schumacher: “The partnership is one of the ways in which FrieslandCampina brings its purpose nourishing by nature to life. By joining forces with Agriterra we support farmers in other parts of the world to make a better living and improve food security. Member farmers and employees of FrieslandCampina come back energized from their missions, because in little time they have been able to support dairy cooperatives to take great steps. I look forward to continuing to make an impact together with Agriterra.”

Calon: “We believe in the positive effects of the transfer of cooperative knowledge by FrieslandCampina experts. Agriterra’s pool of experts from the Dutch cooperative sector is a unique feature in the approach of Agriterra. Agripool experts advise, train and share experiences on a peer-to-peer basis. They speak the language of the farmers. This Memorandum of Cooperation is an expression of shared ambitions, objectives in dairy development worldwide. We are excited to be working with FrieslandCampina for the next 5 years.”

Facts & figures from 2015-2018:
  • Employees and member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina conducted over 100 expert missions to  support over 50 (dairy) cooperatives in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia and Rwanda on subjects such as good governance, human resource management, marketing, farm management, member commitment, finance, business planning and extension services
  • 26 Dutch member farmers of FrieslandCampina are included in the so-called Farmer2Farmer Programme. Together they conducted 25 missions to train and advise local farmers in Good Dairy Farming Practices.
  • Every year FrieslandCampina reaches over 250,000 dairy farmers directly and indirectly via its Dairy Development Programme
  • 660,000 farmers worldwide benefit from Agriterra’s advice, training & exchange. This is only possible because of partnerships such as the one with FrieslandCampina
  • Agriterra has many partners within the Dutch cooperative sector: over 700 experts are available for advice assignments and training of cooperatives and farmer organisations worldwide
  • Agriterra’s impact is growing: the Dutch agri-agency advises more than 250 cooperatives and farmer organisations in 20 countries. Recently Agriterra started working with cooperatives in West Africa as well.

More information on FrieslandCampina’s Dairy Development Programme

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