Dutch Seeds Debate: 5 April 2016

01-03-2016 The Dutch Seeds Debate is part of a campaign set up by Agriterra. Agriterra has been created by the Dutch agriculture and food sector; its objective is to professionalise co-operatives in developing countries. During this new campaign, Agriterra will talk with companies and the Dutch government. The campaign’s central idea is that cooperation between companies and smallholder farmers will benefit all. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports the campaign.

Dutch seed companies invest in Africa and South East Asia because these are regions where they see new markets.Not only do they sell seeds, they also train farmers in order to take horticulture to the next level. This contributes to more food security and a better income for farmers. The Dutch government, knowledge institutes and nongovernmental organisations support these companies in their endeavours.

But these developments also give rise to questions. Is the work that these companies do relevant to the needs of smallholder farmers? How can these farmers be trained and organised in such a way that they can start earning money with those new seeds? Who pays and who is responsible for all this?

The objective of this meeting is to gather insights into best practices and existing hindrances. How can we take matters forward? We would like the discussions this afternoon to result in recommendations for business, knowledge institutes and the government.

For more information: www.smallfarmersbigdeal.org

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