Farmers fighting poverty

By 2025 the world will have 9 billion mouths to feed, which is 60% more than in 2015. This rapidly growing demand for food has prompted significant investment in agriculture in developing countries. Farmers and farmers' organisations are becoming increasingly important, but they face multiple challenges such as urbanisation, the urgent need to increase production, food safety and climate change.

Dutch roots

Agriterra was founded by the Dutch agricultural sector. We provide expert advice to farmer organisations and cooperatives in developing economies, and strengthen them to fight hunger and poverty. We also link them to Dutch businesses. 

Our energetic team consists of 80 motivated professionals who combine scientific thinking with a practical approach. We strengthen farmer ownership and stimulate economic growth. We want to help ambitious farmers worldwide, thereby contributing to socio-economically strong and lively rural areas.

Agriterra is the only organisation in the world that strengthens cooperatives by using cooperative expertise and peer-to-peer advice from the Dutch agri & food top sector. We can do this because of our strong roots and network in the Netherlands and abroad. 


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The Netherlands

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