A farmers’ roadmap of expanding successful horticulture


In the EAT: FRESH project,we position the horticulture supply chain in Tanzania as a hub for the production, processing, packaging and export of three high-value crops: Avocados, French beans and snow peas.The project’s Inception Phase kicked-off in mid-2019. The partnership assessed 12 Agricultural Marketing Co-Operative Societies (AMCOS) with a total membership of 2,253 smallholder farmers. 

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The project is managed by TechForce Projects B.V. and is implemented through a synergetic Public-Private Partnership.
GBRI Business Solutions Ltd. provides farmers with agronomy training for the three high-value crops. Farmers’ fresh produce is aggregated and then stored in newly installed cold rooms. Export takes place to international markets with business development support from TechForce.

Guavay company limited. provides farmers with access to their organically certified inputs branded as Hakika. Applying Hakika inputs in combination with Guavay’s training on sustainable land use supports farmers’ yield increase and improves soil quality. Agriterra builds the organisational capacity of AMCOS and serves as the main connection between farmers, cooperatives and value chain sector actors such as GBRI and Guavay. National  Economic Empowerment Council Tanzania coordinates the support from local government organisations to ensure the local embedding of the project.
The project ensures a sustainable approach for future success for all stakeholders wishing to get involved in Tanzania’s horticulture sector while making an economic, environmental and social impact.

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