Theory of Change

Agriterra focuses on organised farmers - this approach allows us to make a large impact in up-and-coming economies. More than 20% of farmers in developing countries have already joined organisations to improve their economic position. Our activities to support farmers’ organisations enhance and accelerate development by addressing three critical issues: agricultural productivity, off-farm rural employment and the empowerment of farmers. Our advice is pitched at two levels:

  • Production and lobbying
  • Improving the organisation itself

Improvements in an association’s production and lobbying activities run parallel to progress in organisational strengthening. In the long term, impacts can be seen in active economic development, fairer wealth distribution and the growth of democratic processes. For Agriterra, working in predominantly agrarian countries and regions, structural socio-economic transformation is a fact.

By professionalising and strengthening cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Agriterra contributes to positive socio-economic development and better income distribution. We believe that farmers organised in strong, competitive and trustworthy cooperatives are indispensable for a vibrant rural economy. They actively generate agricultural development and help create spin-off employment in rural areas.

Our approach is reflected in Agriterra’s ‘Theory of Change’:

  • Where producers’ organisations in developing countries are able to play an influential role, this generally leads to more growth, good governance and democracy. Income and wealth are distributed more fairly which reduces poverty and hunger.
  • Business advice to farmers’ organisations and cooperatives improves services to members, entrepreneurship and productivity.
  • Lobbying for farmers’ organisations and cooperatives connects farmers to policy makers and businesses.
  • Bankable farmers’ organisations and cooperatives with good investment plans ensure rural employment and economic development.


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