In 2017-2018 we have mobilised more than 20 million euro through policy changes. More than 40 cooperatives are linked to banks and over 15 million euro of mobilised loans for working capital and investments. 

Our goals for 2020:

  • Reach 1 million unique farmers

  • Provide EUR 55 million in loans and working capital

  • Establish working capital for 50 agricultural cooperatives

  • Policy changes that lead to an extra EUR 100 million in investments

  • 30% of operating expenses covered through trade with the private sector

  • Youth councils at 50% of the cooperatives

  • 30% more paying members at cooperatives

  • 15% female and 10% younger board members

See Annual Report page 5-6-7 for an overall update on the results


Experiences of others

Members feel more ownership. 

- Bas Prins, business advisor Agriterra

Moving forward together with members.

- Richard van der Maden, business advisor Agriterra

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